ROCCAT dévoile le format TKL pour sa gamme de claviers Vulcan

ROCCAT dévoile le format TKL pour sa gamme de claviers Vulcan


ROCCAT dévoile l’extension de sa gamme de claviers Vulcan avec les Vulcan TKL, Vulcan TKL Pro et Vulcan Pro.

  • Nouveau format TKL : une toute nouvelle dimension compétitive.
  • Nouveaux interrupteurs optiques Titan : la sensation du mécanique, à la vitesse de la lumière.

Découvrez les trois nouveaux claviers :


ROCCAT, Turtle Beach’s (Nasdaq: HEAR)  Hamburg, Germany-based PC peripheral brand, today revealed its all-new Titan Optical  Switch and three new variants of its award-winning Vulcan keyboard series. ROCCAT  unveiled its first Vulcan mechanical keyboard featuring the Titan Tactile Switch in 2018,  followed by the Titan Speed Switch in 2019, and the sleek-looking keyboard series has gone  on to secure a variety of editorial accolades and high praise from PC gamers. Delivering a true competitive advantage, ROCCAT’s new Pro models with Titan Optical Switches 

offer PC gamers a keyboard 40 times faster than classic mechanical switches, with a  lifespan that lasts twice as long. The Vulcan Pro is the full-size keyboard with Titan  Optical Switches, while the Vulcan TKL Pro is a tenkeyless version with a smaller  footprint. Additionally, ROCCAT will be launching the new Vulcan TKL keyboard, 

which is a tenkeyless version of its full-size Vulcan mechanical keyboard design. The  Vulcan TKL will be available with both Titan Speed and Titan Tactile Switch options. 

ROCCAT’s full-size Vulcan Pro and the more compact Vulcan TKL Pro keyboards  featuring the Titan Optical Switches will be available at participating retailers  worldwide on Oct. 30, 2020 for MSRPs of $199.99 and $159.99, respectively. The Vulcan  TKL mechanical gaming keyboard with Titan Tactile Switches or Titan Speed Switches will  be released in North America on October 4, 2020 for a MSRP of $129.99, and will be  available at participating retailers across Europe on October 30, 2020

“Our Vulcan series keyboards are already a big success for ROCCAT, so naturally we’re  thrilled to add TKL versions as well as introduce our Titan Optical Switch technology  for an even faster competitive edge,” said Rene Korte, General Manager of PC Products  at Turtle Beach. “Two years ago, we introduced the first Vulcan featuring our own unique  Titan Tactile Switch, followed by the faster Titan Speed Switch. The new Vulcan Pro models  with the Titan Optical Switch gives gamers an even faster option, and sometimes that’s  all that matters when you’re playing for the title.”

Additional details on the latest additions to ROCCAT’s award-winning Vulcan series PC  gaming keyboards below. 

Vulcan Pro  

The Vulcan Pro features the same sleek, award-winning design as the Vulcan 121 and  comes with ROCCAT’s all-new Titan Optical Switches. The Titan Optical Switch replaces the physical contact of a regular mechanical switch with a beam of light that gets  interrupted by the optical switch once the key is pressed. This leads to a more responsive  reaction time that registers keystrokes 40 times faster than a classic mechanical switch, as  well as a longer lifetime expectancy of 100 million clicks compared to 50 million clicks for  a mechanical switch. The Vulcan Pro, comes with an Ash Black anodized aluminum  plate, connects via a wired USB-A connector, and offers low-profile ergonomic key caps.  The Vulcan Pro is part of ROCCAT’s AIMO-enabled family of products offering a vivid  RGB light scheme, and it also comes with a removable magnetic wrist-rest. The Vulcan  Pro will be available for a MSRP of $199.99/199.99€. 

Vulcan TKL Pro 

With many core and professional gamers preferring a more compact keyboard when they  play, the Vulcan TKL Pro is the tenkeyless version of the Vulcan Pro, achieved by  reducing the size of the chassis as well as removing the number pad. The TKL Pro comes  with a removable USB-C cable, and like the other Vulcan variants it offers a game mode  allowing gamers to set macros for their favorite games. The Vulcan TKL Pro also supports  the AIMO lighting system, making it the perfect companion for the other products in the  AIMO range. The Vulcan TKL Pro will be available for a MSRP of $159.99/159.99€. 

Vulcan TKL  

The Vulcan TKL mechanical keyboard will also be available in two versions; one with the  Titan Tactile Switch, and one with the Titan Speed Switch. Both versions of the Vulcan  TKL come with a removable USB-C cable. The Vulcan TKL keyboards will be available  for a MSRP of $129.99/129.99€.